How To Travel on A Budget

How To Travel on A Budget

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Let’s face it: vacations/trips are expensive! Not all of us have the luxury to just get up and go to an exotic place. But we can’t deny the benefits of travel; an opportunity to relax, distress, have a good time, and experience something new.

If you are on a budget, a lot goes into a vacation, so planning can be complex. That also means that there are ways on how to budget and to save.

Below are tips to help you travel on a budget:

  • Location

For first-time travelers, consider less popular places. Places that attract a lot of tourists are generally expensive and chances are you won’t get the experience you deserve because it will be crowded. Think about destinations that aren’t as popular to visit. Alternatively, find a town near you; prices will generally be lower, and with a short commute you can still have fun and access to a hidden gem on a budget.

  • Travel during the off seasons

The time of the year and the destination you travel to play a significant role in the costs of your trip. Most destinations are more popular—and expensive—during certain times of the year. Locally, prices tend to also go up around the major holidays. If you’re flexible on your traveling dates, then go for a vacation out of season. You get to see all the same beautiful sights, at half the price, and with half of the crowds.

  • Look for packaged deals

Vacations are often cheapest when housing, transportation, and daily expenses are bundled together. Look for vacation packages offered by tours and travel companies. This will make the planning process a lot easier and make your budget much easier to calculate.

  • Find budget accommodation

The next big chunk of your travel expense will be your accommodation. Research about various lodging options available at the destination. Each of us looks for different things when we travel, so look out for the prices of the experience closest to what you want to make a good enough estimate. For instance, if you’re a budget traveler, you should be looking at hostels, budget hotels, or shared living options.

  • Travel with friends/family

If you’re on a budget, you can split the costs of hotels and other expenses when you travel with a small group of friends or family. Don’t be afraid of squeezing into a small motel room or renting an entire home if it’s less expensive per person.

  • Take Public Transport or Walk

Taking taxis or Uber is often the wrong approach when visiting new places. Use public transportation and save money. When all else fails, take a walk and enjoy the local scenery.

  • Visit Free Attractions

Before you land at your destination, spend a few hours researching local tourist destinations. Look for attractions that offer free entrance, and you’re bound to find plenty of free options for your entertainment. Take advantage of free entrance days at museums, and attractions, and discounts on other sightseeing opportunities.


These tips will help you cut back on your traveling costs. Give these ideas a try when you decide to travel, and you’ll save coins on your trip.

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